U kijkt naar de archieven van 2007.

Heikje HeksDe schatjes van jeugdtoneelgroep De Strontvliegen hebben weer hard gewerkt. Het regisseursduo dit jaar, mijn zus Lies en Nele Hoogendoorn, behoorden een decenium geleden tot de allereerste lichting acteurs. Ze zijn er onder meer verantwoordelijk voor de prachtige naam van de toneelgroep :-)

Komt allen kijken!

Winter in Lier, BelgiumFoggy night in Lier, Belgium

Day and night…

A year and a half ago, I wrote:

In the last year, a lot of cheap (or not so cheap) HD video cameras came onto the market. These cameras are targeted towards consumers or professional users at the bottom of the scale (”prosumers”).

This was ment to be the introduction to a detailed overview of all prosumer HD cameras. As you may have noticed, that overview never came around, mainly because I got bored with specs and prizes and endless internet discussions about pixels. However, people keep asking me what camera to buy. Well, based on Barry Green’s recent comparison between a Panasonic HVX200 and Canon XH-A1, I’d say that if you really need an HD camera buy the Canon XH-A1.

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pretty picture of the Alps (1)pretty picture of the Alps (2)

Just some pictures to dream about. Both pictures were taken in Parc National Les Ecrins in the French Alps this summer. I spend more than an hour trying to cross the river in the first picture. It may not look very menacing but you tend to be more carefull with a two year old girl on your back. Anyway, memories of a good time…