Clip Curoon is my first videoclip. Some love it, some hate it. I guess you could call it an anti-videoclip. It’s a single shot movie, 5 minutes long. This one is take 9, the last take.

Image quality could have been a lot better. It think it was around this time (september 2004) that I started thinking about a better camera. As you can see, my Sony TRV 60 just doesn’t cut it, although it looks better on TV than on the web. I’ll have to incorporate gamma correction into my compress-to-web workflow sometime.

Anyway, here it is. Mind you, it makes no sense to look at this clip in a bright, noisy environment. So, close the curtains, put on your headphones and enjoy the movie.

By the way, the actor is Steven Vrancken. I think he does a very good job. The music is by Troissoeur.