Not one lonely romantic ruin but 3 fuckups:

  1. I nearly ruined a shoot where I was the sound recordist by forgetting the 9V batteries I bought the day before. I thought I was well prepaired since I had two pairs of rechargables and a new fresh Duracell pair for the Shure FP-33 field mixer. After one and half hour the first rechargable pair gave up. The next pair called in sick – no juice, I presume because of the freezing cold. It turned out that the fresh batteries were lying safely at home while we were in a snow covered field about an hour away from civilisation. We were able to continue shooting while Anthony went looking for batteries because I had my new Røde Videomic with me. It won’t sound the same but it’s possible we only need one line.
  2. I fucked up a potentially good film. The circumstances were far from ideal but anyway, I fucked up and I’m not over it yet.
  3. Scumbags are ruining the internet. Not only do they see it fit to send me 100 to 150 spam mails a day but they discovered my blog too. I have to delete about 20 comments each day since last week. That’s why you find a link for Online Poker ? in the footer of every page. Don’t worry, the link will just take you to Wikipedia. The idea is to screw up the google search results for anyone looking for Online Poker. Hit the question mark for a more detailed explanation.

I guess posts like these make me a real blogger.